Bomy Bopots are cheap lazy ripoffs.

I am making this page because a liar, fraud and scammer who is also a very sick mentally schizophrenic person named Brian E. Bryant from Ohio who goes by the nickname "Antago" and countless fake accounts and fake hate websites that spread viruses and malware on the internet claims to have invented Bomy Bopots and thus by some bizarre twisted schizophrenic logic this also means he invented the entirety of Graal and Zelda because he "invented" Bomy Bopots several years after Graal first came out.

For a little background to those who do not know; Antago is a mentally ill schizophrenic person from Ohio named Brian E. Bryant who is a talentless loser, coward and failed internet scammer who attempts to extort, defame, terrorize, SWAT, threaten, harass and death threat several random innocent people and forum communities on the internet and who also regularly posts very disgusting and hate filled schizophrenic, anti-Semitic and racist messages and posts about how school shooters are cool on extremist terrorist hate forums such as Lookism.


A simple low pixel head helmet head with feet and eyes such as what Brian ripped off is not at all original, novel, new or unique in any way.

For reference here is what an "original" "Bomy" looks like.

Bomys are literally as close of a sprite ripoff to characters in Kirby and other games as Graal's 1999 tileset was/is to Zelda 3 and Mother 3... There is no originality or talent in their creation.


Exhibit 1 - Clockwork Knight Sega Saturn


In the very beginning of the game, in the beginning and throughout level 1 and all throughout the game are enemies and characters that look EXACTLY like "Bomy Bopots" which even have the trident weapon that Antago put into Graal. The Trident weapon seen in the above screenshot was put into Graal in 2001 and Bomy Bopots in late 2001. The Game Clockwork Knight was first released in Japan for the Sega Saturn in Japan on November 1994, in North America on May 11th 1995 an in the EU July 8th 1995. -

Fun Facts: Antago was like 8 years old in 1995 and Graal did not even exist until 4 years later.

The game also had a sequel Clockwork Knight 2 which was first released in October 1995 - -

Exhibit 2 - Kirby characters and sprites.




The name of the characters in Kirby which first appeared in 1992 that STRONGLY "resemble" Bomy Bopots include but are not limited to Biospark, Gim, Rocky, Sir Kibble, Bomber, Bounder and several other both main characters and npc enemies in the Kirby game series. 1992 was 6 years prior to Graal even existing and Antago/Brian was 6 years old at the time and making nothing except poop stains in his diaper at that time. - - - - - - - - -

Exhibit 3 - Marvin The Martian, Merry Melodies - Warner Brothers

Marvin The Martian is a character from Warner Bros.' Looney Toons and Merry Melodies cartoons and first appeared July 24th, 1948.

Literally the only difference between Bomy Bopots and Marvin The Martian is that Marvin has a body. The default bomy bopot is essentially just Marvin's head with feet attached... - -


Google Image Search - Marvin The Martian



Bomy Bopots are a ripoff. 2019 - The content on this site is freely and publicly available and is Legal and Fair Use under 17 U.S. Code 107 - This is a free speech and a public interest service to make people aware of a mentally ill liar and scammer.